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Applying for membership of the Royston Environmentl Group is easy. Simply click the button to go to our Memembermojo Home Page. From there you can access the membership application form. You will not need to set up an account or to create a password.

There are two types of membership available -

  • Individual - £10pa
    You must be 16 or over to take out this type of membership. 

  • Household - £15pa
    With this type of membership you can let us know about other members of your household, who can be under 16 years of age. 

The group is run by members giving their time on a voluntary basis. However, there are some unavoidable costs incurred in organising activities and keeping members informed about the news and activities of the group. Membership runs from 1st April for 12 months.

Your membership Information

We use Membermojo to administer our membership and the link below will allow you to join the group.

You will be asked for an email address which we use to communicate with you but you will not require a password. 

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The Group has recently begun publishing a newsletter which aims to keep members informed about activities organised by the Group and others which may be of interest to you.

Copies of the newsletters are available here.

Your information and privacy

We use Membermojo, an on-line, cloudbased membership system, to manage your membership data. The information which we have asked you for when you join is necessary for them to properly administer your membership on our behalf.

The privacy of your information is very important to us and we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that it is not disclosed to anyone who should not have access to it. We have chosen Membermojo to act on our behalf partly because we believe they have robust policies in place to ensure the privacy of your data.

Please refer to our privacy policy and how Membermojo complies with GDPR for more information.

Accessing and amending your information

In accordance with our privacy policy you can - 

  • Use the Membermojo portal to access the information held about you.

  • Use the Membermojo portal to amend the information held about you where it is incorrect.

  • Use the Membermojo portal to amend your email list preferences.

  • Ask us to permanently delete the information they hold about you (which will terminate your membership).

Mailing Lists

The membership application form asks you for an email address which is required to identify you to the membership system. 

During the application process you will be invited to join our email lists which allow us to communicate with you in different circumstances.


You may choose to unsubscribe from some of our mailing lists at any time by - 

  • You can opt out of receive emails from any of the lists using the “unsubscribe” option in type of emails which you no longer wish to receive.

  • Accessing your information using the button above and removing your consent for the Newsletter amd Activities email lists. You can also use this option to resubscribe.

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