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The music

These pages contain collections of music composed or interpreted over a period of some 30 years.

A few have also been set as soundtracks to videos while others are purely an audio experience.

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Original compositions

Composed using Logic Pro X and realised using software synths and sample libraries, these are works driven by imagination.

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Baroque transcriptions

Realised in a variety of sequening software, including Cubasis, these early transcriptions were made using hardware synths such as the EVS1 and Korg XDR5.

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The soundtracks

A number of the pieces have appeared as soundtracks to videos.

Some have been commissioned to write the soundtrack, however most have been written for movies constructed from royalty-free videos available and put together to form a theme. 


Soundtrack videos

The soundtracks to these videos were written especially for them. They look to capture the story held within each of the videos and enhance the viewer's experience.

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