Apply for membership

Applying for membership of the Royston Environmental Group is easy. Simply open and complete Membership Application Form and click the Submit button.

You must be at least 16 year old to apply for membership in your own right.

When applying for your own membership you can also let us know about other members of your household who may be interested in the group and its activities. If you wish to apply for Household Membership, please let us know if any of them are under 16.

Mailing List

The membership application form asks you to provide an email address. The will use this address for two purposes.

  • To keep you up to date with the Group’s activities.

  • To confirm your membership status.

You do not have to provide an email address if you do not wish to. However, it will help the group keep its costs down if we can communicate with you via email.

By providing an email address you consent to joining our emailing list. You can opt in to or out of this list at any time by using the Request or Amend Information form and choosing the appropriate option.

Membership confirmation

If you have not provided an email address we request a that you provide telephone number which will be used solely to confirm your membership status.

If you do not provide an email address or a telephone number we will be unable to process your application.

 Supporting the group

The group is run by members giving their time on a voluntary basis. However, there are some unavoidable costs incurred in organising activities and keeping members informed about the news and activities of the group.

Please consider making a contribution to the running costs of the group. The Group will provide details of how you can do this should you wish to do so. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more information.

Membership Fees

In line with the proposal agreed at the AGM in October 2021, from April 2022 we will be asking members for an annual fee -
Individual membership £10
Household membership £15
We will be letting members know shortly which fee you should pay and how payment can made.

 Your information

The information gathered on the Membership Application Form will be used to administer your membership of the group and for no other purposes.

We will never provide or sell your infomation to third parties.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Seeing and amending your information

In accordance with our privacy policy, you can -

  • Ask to see what information we hold about you.

  • Amend the information we hold about you where it is incorrect.

  • Ask that we delete the information we hold about you. This option terminates your membership and requires confirmation.

  • Amend your email list preference.